Personal Desiderata

Personal Desiderata

I like moving in society with its noisy confusion

and being able to sit peacefully in the company of someone.

I like people who strive to be friends to everyone without surrender.

I like to listen to people of different circumstances,
because they have a different perspective to learn from.

I deplore truth-changers, because they vex my energy because I try to speak forthrightly.

I try to avoid occasionally the outlandish people of society,
but they are needed to add spice to life.

I feel depressed when the only discussion is of “gossip”,
because it displays the baseness of society.

I enjoy celebrations of achievement, because it is the commencement of growth.

I am humbled by the achievement of others,
because it reminds me of my achievements, great and small.

I have a jaundice eye to the people who want to help me “change”.

But, I also know that some people only want the best for me because they have high ideals.

I will never abandon a fellow traveler who has exhibited their heroism in the face of adversity.

I try not to feign affection because it’s like the sun and the moon, it rises and falls everyday.

Some things that are youthful I refrain from,
while I embrace the wonder that youth inspires.

I remind myself that fatigue and loneliness
can drag someone down to life levels not conducive to learning all life has to offer.

I believe that there is someone who is a child of the universe and my equal,
willing to enjoy all that life has to offer from the earth to the stars.

I believe that two can be at peace with the universe whatever their faith my be.

I believe it is better to strive to be happy and at peace with oneself
before you can truly enjoy the companionship of someone
in this long journey of life.